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Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Best Of Taste Washington Phoenix

Well, this is a slightly different approach to "Bests." These are the wines that I really liked at Taste Washington Phoenix:

  • Gordon Bros. - 2006 Kamiak Cellar Select Red
  • Saviah - 2006 Une Vallee
  • Syncline - 2006 Syrah


  • Abeja - 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Abeja - 2007 Chardonnay
  • Badger Mtn- 2007 Organic Riesling
  • Cougar Crest - 2006 Viognier
  • Gilbert Cellars -2007 Unoaked Chardonnay
  • Guardian - 2006 Chalk Line
  • Hestia - 2006 Syrah
  • Isenhower -Paintbrush
  • Nicolas Cole - 2006 Graeagle
  • Note Bene - 2005 Abbinare
  • Seven Hills - 2006 Merlot, Walla Walla
  • Sparkman - 2007 Lumiere Chardonnay
  • Sparkman - 2006 Wilderness
  • Syncline - Subduction Red
  • Zefina - 2006 Serience White
  • Zefina - 2004 Serience Red

Very Good

  • Airfield Estates - 2007 Bombshell Red
    Airfield Estates - 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Airfield Estates - 2007 Lightning
  • Airfield Estates - 2007 Mustang
  • Airfield Estates - 2007 Riesling
  • Alder Ridge - 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon/ Syrah
  • Balboa - 2007 Merlot
  • Balboa - 2007 Syrah
  • Balboa 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Barnard Griffin - All
  • Basel Cellars - 2006 Claret
  • Bergevin Lane - 2007 Fruitbomb
  • Bergevin Lane - All
  • Boudreaux - 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Boudreaux - 2005 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Brian Carter -2005 L'Etalon
  • DeLille - 2006 "D2"
  • Domaine Pouillon - 2007 Deux
  • Dunham - 2006 Trutina
  • Dusted Valley - 2006 Boomtown Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Dusted Valley - 2007 Boomtown Pinot Gris
  • Elegante - 2006 Merlot
  • Five Star - Sangiovese
  • Gifford Hirlinger - 2005 Merlot
    Gordon Bros. - 2007 Kamiak Cellar Select White
  • Gordon Bros. - 2007 Tradition
  • Hyatt - 2006 Riesling
  • Hyatt - 2004 Merlot
  • Powers - 2007 Merlot
  • Powers -2006 Syrah
  • Six Prong - 2005 Red Wine


  • At 10:35 AM, Anonymous Gregory Copploe said…

    Wineries Have Partnered up with Local Artists to Bring you an Evening of Wine Tasting and Art Viewing

    (SEATTLE) June 11, 2009 – Alicia Hansen announced Wednesday that Woodinville will host an evening of art and wine tasting on July 16, 2009 from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. “Wine and art go hand in hand, and we are excited to support our local wineries and local artists and host what will be a yearly event in Woodinville”. It’s such a mellifluous mix, art and wine, and we expect a huge turnout”.
    This year we have several wineries participating in this event, and we are proud that they will be giving back to the community by hosting a local artist in their winery. The participating wineries are: Des Voigne Cellars, Alexandria Nicole, Anton Ville, Chatter Creek, Covington Cellars, Cowan Vineyards, Edmonds Winery, Gordon Brothers, Page Cellars, Patterson Cellars, Red Sky Winery and William Church Winery. “William Church Winery is proud to host an artist this year. This exposure is great for both the artist and the winery, so it’s a win win for all”, touted Leslie Balsley owner of William Church Winery.
    Two featured artists, Gretchen Michaels and Gregory Copploe are part of this year’s festivities. Ms. Michaels has partnered up with Red Sky Winery and Mr. Copploe has partnered up with William Church Winery. Gretchen Michaels’ actual paintings are done in "reverse" as she paints on the back side of an acrylic panel. Unlike painting on canvas where the first painted layers get covered with each additional layer of paint, you see her first layers, then less of each additional layer. When the artwork is mounted using her custom built frames, you are looking at the paint through the acrylic panel. Many layers of paint create the final effect. Gregory Copploe’s unique oil style has been compared to Amedeo Modigliani, as he captures the delicate and passionate soul of the woman, her nose elongated, her lips pouting, and her eyes soulful and wanting. His style evolved from painting faces in the clouds, to creating thick oils in spatula, and eventually painting portraits of classical women in a Modiglianic style. Greg and Gretchen both believe that “showing your art in this setting where wine and art are paired together is a winning and sensual combination”.
    Come and taste at twelve of the wineries in the Woodinville Warehouse District for only $20 (cash only). Each winery will feature two wines along with art from a local host artist. Tickets can be purchased at the Woodinville Park North ticket tent (located at 19501 144th Avenue NE just across from Building A at the entrance to the park), Chatter Creek (18658 142nd Ave. NE and Covington Cellars (18580 142nd Ave. NE
    For more info go to


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