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Friday, August 19, 2005

Hoodsport - the long way around

Last weekend we desperately wanted to get to the Olympic Music Festival, but the Hood Canal Bridge was closed, so we drove around. It was a looonngg drive, but it was worth it. The music was great and on the way back, we stopped at Hoodsport winery. Well, they've been making wine for tweny-seven years. It's one of the oldest wineries in Washington and they used to be famous for their fruit wine. Now they have a whole line of vinifera wines - Cab, Merlot, Chard, etc., which they outsource to a winery in Eastern Washington which makes sense since the vinifera grapes come from Eastern Washington. The labels are eye-catching with a very appealing image of the Hood Canal, but the wines... stick to the fruit wines. The Raspberry wine is probably the best - the perfect after dinner wine in the summer, rather than heavy Port. Try it with strawberrys and chilled chocolate, or, if you like sweet wine with your main dish, try it with lamb or game.

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