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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Recommended Wines From Taste Washington - Under $15

I will try to summarize and organize my recommendations from Taste Washington. Here are some gems I found at Taste Washington for under $15. Look for more gems in future posts this week.

White Wine

  • 2004 Post & Pine Chardonnay (about $5)
  • 2004 Ryan Patrick Chardonnay (about $14) )
  • 2004 Chatter Creek Pinot Gris (about $12)
  • 2003 Saint Laurent Riesling ( about $13)

Rose Wine

  • 2005 Sageland Rose(about $10)

Red Wine

  • 2002 Sageland Merlot (about $13 )
  • 2003 Red Diamond Merlot (about $10)
  • 2003 Red Diamond Cabernet (about $10)
  • 2002 Red Diamond Shiraz ( about $10)


  • At 7:45 PM, Anonymous BoxWineGuy said…

    I just tried the Red Diamond Merlot (2002, actually) and found it to be a nice wine for the price. Lots of cherry and plum in the aroma, with nicely balanced fruit and tannins. Good stuff, hard to find in retail stores, though.


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