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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Three Great Seattle Wineries - Cadence

It is exciting that Ben and Gaye's new vineyard, Cara Mia, on Red Mountain is already producing fruit. Can't wait to taste it. In the meanwhile, the 2004s were all good, but somewhat more tannic than the very ripe 2003s. We thought we detected hints of greenness and vegetative notes in some of the wines. We liked the Klipsun best this year, perhaps, because it seemed the most accessible with delicious black fruit flavors. The Ciel du Cheval was bigger and more structured than the 2003, in a style somewhat similar to Andrew Will Ciel du Cheval. IMO, the Tapteil Vineyard blend was better than the Cabernet made by Taptiel Vineyards themselves. As usual the Bel Canto was beautiful. The Camerata, made from 100% Reserve Tapteil Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, was powerful, but not overwhelming, just as a Cabernet should be. All of the wines will benefit from some ageing, especially the Ciel du Cheval and Tapteil wines.


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