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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Walla Walla Continued?

For three days now, I have been unable to access the Seattle Wine Blog because of problems with my password at Blogspot. If anyone has any insight into this problem, please let me know. It seems clear that I was just not destined to report on my Walla Walla trip in a timely fashion. After leaving Walla Walla, I drove almost across the entire State of Washington to visit my cousins in Sequim. Cousin Barry had purchased Luna Pinot Grigio and Ste Michelle Gewurztraminer at Costco. The Pinot Grigio was excellent - bone dry with lots of flavor. The Gewurz was spicy and flavorful the way it was in the 1970s when Gewurz and Riesling were the new thing in Washington. At $4-$5 it is a great bargain. Cousins Susan and Paul joined us at Olympic Cellars where the line up was pretty much the same as last year except that the Working Girl White and Dungeness White seem to have less flavor. Cousin Paul discovered that he likes Cabernet Franc at Olympic Cellars. We had a great conversation with Libbey who was pouring in the tasting room and she opened a bottle of the 2005 Lemberger from Champoux Vineyard. This might have been the best Lemberger we've tasted. Rich, pure, full and seemless with great black fruit flavors, this wine shows winemaker Benoit Murat's passion and skill. Later that day Cousin Paul and I went to Harbinger Winery where we tasted a range of wines. We were most impressed with two fruit wines made from Raspberry and Blackberry. These wines were quite dry for fruit wine and winemaker Sara Gagnon managed to capture the essence of each berry in quite a remarkable way. Her two blends, Rapture and Evolution, were also quite good, but seemed a little pricey. Our last stop was Cameraderie Cellars where we had a very enjoyable conversation with winemaker Don Corson and tasted three of his magnificent reds. Now if I can get The Winemaker's Passion from Word into Blogspot, you will be able to read more about this encounter. Next week, I will be back from San Francisco and hope to be able to continue reporting on Walla Walla wines.


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