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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Debuts & Discoveries

Not all the kids on the block were new, at least not to me. A lot of the "Discoveries" have been discovered by yours truly over the past several years at events such as Taste Washington, Woodinville Passport and Taste Walla Walla. By and large, I did not taste wines from these wineries this time around. Check out my posts from these events for info on these wineries. I also had to skip some newbies. I already mentioned Airfield Estates. I first tasted their wine at Taste Washington this past year. I've been tasting Arlington Road at Woodinville Passport for several years so I skipped them this time around. Didn't get to Blackthorn Mt. Winery or Canyons Edge. Alan Yamaguchi at Cascadia Winery was trained at Davis, and has been making wine for others for many years until striking out on his own with Cascadia. I've tasted Cedargreen several times at Taste Washington. My friend Jayne introduced me to them. Des Voignes was open for Passport this year as was Edmonds Winery. Edmonds has a slightly confusing name since it is in Woodinville, not Edmonds. That's alright Palouse Winery is on Vashon, not in Palouse- doesn't affect the quality of the wines.

Gard Vintners had only one wine to pour, but it was an excellent 2006 Dry Riesling in an Alsatian style. My notes on Griffins Crossing, scratched on the back of a Flying Trout flyer are a little confusing. The wine was excellent - a 2005 Cab from Kestrel vineyard? I totally appreciate the difficulty of getting a winery up and running, but it is a good idea for wineries, especially new wineries to have some tasting notes or at least a price list. Consumers have a hard time remembering just the names of wines they like, let alone what they liked about them and I am one of them, especially after tasting dozens of wines. Gilbert Cellars offered up three winners. Like so many other grapegrowers, the Gilbert family wanted to get in on the action by making their own wine. All three of their wines were of very high quality including the 2005 Estate Malbec, the 2005 Estate Syrah and the 2004 Estate Claret. The Claret was the best buy at $19. Shannon at Hestia Cellars had a complete fact sheet for the three Hestia offerings. The 2006 Semillon had a fabulous nose of Melon and a little oak, an excellent wine. Marty Clubb look out. Shannon's Merlot and Meritage were both excellent, though I preferred the Merlot with its beautiful deep red color, fruity nose, and its soft friendly mouthfeel. Hiney and Skylite, I tasted in Walla Walla last year.

Horan Estates '04 Cab was a winner at $26. I tasted Kana at Taste Washington. Legoe Bay Winery, on Lummi Island, is actually a front for trial attorney Karl Malling. Karl and his wife Susie make delicious wine. In fact, his Reef Net Red medaled at the NW Wine Summit. No website, no price list, but excellent wine. Liam Doyle offered some fine wines from Lost River Winery. Michael Mann at Napeequa Vintners in the Columbia Cascade AVA-in-waiting is producing 1200 cases already. His 2006 Randonee unoaked Chardonnay was totally dry and crisp - definitely a food wine. I actually wrote "Yum" for a Rose - the 2007 "Trillium" must have been pretty good. The 2005 Sangiovese was tangy, but fruity - very friendly. Not only were all three of these wine delicious in own distinctive way but the $16 to $18 price points were a breath of fresh air in this day of wine inflation and overall recession. Norton Arnold - serious wine from an old farm family - seek out these wines. I tasted the 2006 Claret, the 2004 Syrah, and the 2003 Claret. Top quality at a very good price of $21. To be continued....


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