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Friday, October 24, 2008

Bim Bam, Thank You Mam

Alls I can tell you is Bim is no flim flam man, he just makes great Pinot Noir in Sonoma. Just ask Patti, or King or Lady Lin. The first time I tasted Bim's Pinot at King and Lin's July 4th party last year, it was from an exceptional double magnum. This time around, the good Bim Bam Man poured a vertical tasting of six vintages. On a rare "summer" afternoon in October we toured the vineyard with some 80 odd vines in 80 degrees plus of heat, then sat down to Pinot accompanied by smoked salmon, cheese and other delights. Bim's first wine, a 1999-2000 blend tasted of forest and mushrooms - very complex. The 2001 seemed a little more acidic. The 2002 was perfectly balanced bigger and fruitier. The 2003 seemed to have quite a bit of Brett, but the underlying fruit was there. The 2004 had a small amount of Brett which did not detract from rich dark fruity wine. There was no 2005 because the good winemaker split for Crete when his vines had mildew. The 2006 has a tangy acid finish following the sour cherries. Most of Bim's wines have won silver medals. Lin and King brought along two gold medal winners. The '03 really wowed me - deep, big tobacco and cherry fruit. Finally Bim brought out two commercial wines including a Rodney Strong that was balanced, fruity and pleasant, but just not as interesting as any of the "amateur wines." These wine have character and are not made to the lowest common denominator. Bim, you're the man! Thank you, Man.


  • At 6:29 PM, Anonymous Barry Dukes said…

    I know nothing about wine but from the little I have had at Bim's, nothing but yum. I had the honor of helping with picking this years crop and the crush. Also had an invite for Apple crushing. I look forward to more invites and tastes as I learn more about the wine making.

  • At 9:33 PM, Blogger SeattleWineBlog said…

    You're right1 He's the man. Gene


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