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Monday, November 22, 2010

Holiday Gifts - I Oregon

If you start now you can order some of the most interesting and delicious wine gifts online. If you wait, you can still get good stuff at your local wine shop, Trader Joe's, Costco, etc, but these are exceptional.. Here are some specific recommendations of some of the best wines I've tasted this year. Some are hard to get, some are expensive, but they are all worth the effort. Some are easier to order and relatively inexpensive, too. Sometimes you can order over the phone or go to the winery directly, but, however you order these wines, do it soon. Just think with a case or two of fabulous wine at good prices your can take care of all your Holiday shopping - no crowds, no Black Friday! In most cases, you can go to the winery website for ordering information.These gift ideas are in no particular order - just a stream of consciousness like a stream of wine flowing into your glass.

Here are the Gene Stein Recommendations from Oregon:

  • 2006 Anthony Dell Pinot Noir - under $20
  • 2008 Crowley Pinot Noir - about $20
  • 2007 Stevenson-Barrie Pinot Noirs - $30
  • 2008 Libra Pinot Noirs -$20-$35
  • 2007 Dominio Pinot Noir - $28
  • NV 1789 Pinot Noir - about $35
  • 2007 Panther Creek Winemaker's Cuvee ($25), Verde Vineyards ($25), Freedom Hill ($35), Shea ($35)
  • 2007 Montebruno Pinot Noir - $33
  • 2007 Lazy River Pinot Noir - $33
  • 2007 Wahle Pinot Noir - $45
  • 2007 Brittan Pinot Noir $45
  • 2008 Ken Wright Pimot Noir - Canary Hill & Carter Vineyard -  about $60
  • 2008 Ayoub Pinot Noir - $65-$85?
  • 2007 Retour Pinot Noir - $65?
  • 2009 De Ponte "Melon" -about $20
  • 2008 Westrey Chardonnay - about $20
  • 2009 Bethel Heights Unoaked Chardonnay - $18
  • 2009 Dominio IV Viognier - $22
  • 2009 St Innocent "Vitae Springs" Pinot Gris - $20
  • 2009 Lazy River Pinot Gris


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    Brian Wall
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    A Brock, Denver, CO


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