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Monday, April 06, 2009

Taste Washingon 2009

For some reason it seemed like there was more food and less wine. No problem, though. The food was all excellent. Once again, Elliott Bay Oyster House served fabulous, Totten Inlet Oysters ( very similar to Quilcenes) and Kumomotos - pleasure on the half shell. In addition there were copious amounts of Moules and Seafood Ceviche The crowd seemed smaller which made it easier to get around and taste wine. This time let's start with the new wineries. These, of course, were new to me, even if they may have been around for a while:

360s Cellars Estate Winery

Baron V

Barrage Cellars


Canyon's Edge

Chateau Walla Walla

Christopher Cellars

Coyote Canyon

Esther Bricques Winery

Foundry Vineyards

Gard Cellars

Gilbert Cellars

Gilstrap Bros.

Griffins Crossing

Guardian Cellars

Heaven's Cave

Holmes Harbor Cellars

Knipprath Cellars

Marshal's Winery

Martinez & Martinez

Memaloose/ McCormick Vineyards

Merry Cellars

Olsen Estates

Patterson Cellars

Revelry Vintners

Rock Meadow Cellars

Rotie Cellars

Shady Grove Winery

Tasawick Vineyards

The Buried Cane

Ward Johnson Winery

Whisper Ridge Winery

White Cellars Winery

Perhaps the most interesting new winery is Rotie Cellars. Sean Boyd, who worked at Waters Winery in Walla Walla, is obviously a fanatic winemaker. He exudes integrity and passion for Rhone style wine. He produced two 2007 Rhone style blends - one Northern: a Syrah/Viognier blend in the Cotes Rotie(get it) style, the other a Southern: Syrah, Mourved, Grenache(?). Both are exquisitely seemless, smooth beauties, sort of more elegant versions of Cotes du Rhone Villages wines from Sablet or Seguret. Though the wines are a little pricey ($35) in this environment, this is definitely a winery to watch. At the other end of the price spectrum we have Revelry Vintners. Joe made his wines to price out at $15 or less. They are delicious, fun wines. Kontos winery is so new that they didn't even make it into the event program. Sergio and Monica Martinez, Martinez & Martinez, are producing interesting wines in Horse Heaven Hills. Warren Gilstrap of Gilstrap Brothers snuck across the border from Cove, Oregon to bring us some fine wines. Speaking of Oregon, my friend Isabelle Dutartre, winemaker at Del Ponte winery has started her own winery - 1789. Vive La Revolution! Ward Johnson, an urban winery on Elliott Ave in Seattle produced some nice Syrah and Merlot from Red Mountain grapes. Good to see so many new names. Alas, so many wines, so little time.


  • At 8:36 PM, Anonymous Lisa Lawrence said…

    Thanks for the mention as a new winery - Gard Cellars. I just wanted to mention that we're "Gard Vintners" and our URL and related materials can be found under that name, We had a fantastic time at Taste - what a great event. We look forward to next year. ~ Lisa Lawrence, Gard Vintners


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