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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Keep On Trucking!

Speaking of Seatttle wineries, over 50 of the 350 plus wineries in Washington State are in the Seattle area. How can that be, you say? Doesn't it rain in Seattle? Well, in Washington State, quality grapes from sunny Eastean Washington are shipped in small lugs to wineries in rainy Western Washington. If truth be told, there's a whole lot of trucking going on in France and California, too.

Tasting at Cadence and Fall Line the other day, reminded me of some of the other Puget Sound wineries we love. Over near Woodinville, DeLille makes it's wonderfully supple, Margaux-like "D-2", their so-called "second" wine named after the main road in Bordeaux. Their Semillon is outstanding, too, perfectly balanced with good fruit, acidity, and body. So what else do we like - Chatter Creek Cab Franc, Owens Sullivan (aka "OS") R-3, Mike Januik's Merlot and Chardonnay. Mike is also responsible for Novelty Hill Merlot and Chardonnay which are almost as good as the Januik label, but at a lower price.

Then there is Northstar which isn't really made in Seattle, but it is available for tasting and purchase at Chateau St. Michelle in Woodenville. They get to choose whatever grapes they want from any of St. Michelle's vineyards. Not a bad deal! No wonder they make such delicious Merlot at the Northstar winery in Walla Walla. With the exception of Northstar all of these are thirty dollars and under. Finally, at Andrew Will, Chris Carmada, has been making vineyard-specific wines such as Ciel du Cheval. A fascinating opportunity to check out "terroir."


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