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Monday, December 26, 2005

The Search For Caviar In Seattle

If you have the money, the search is easy. Go to the Seattle Caviar Company, but now that Beluga, Osetra, and Sevruga from the Caspian Sea have become prohibitively expensive, you might want to consider other options. Not only is Caspian Caviar out of reach for most of us, but the Caspian Sturgeon is an endangered species. The alternatives are caviar from wild or farm raised American fish or fish roe from other countries.

American Sturgeon caviar is the best alternative to Caspian Caviar. You can get farm-raised American sturgeon caviar from Seattle Caviar or Columbia River sturgeon caviar from University Seafood and Poultry. This stuff is delicious and getting more expensive every year. American Paddlefish caviar isn't bad, either. Red caviar from Northwest salmon is the best relatively inexpensive option. Called Ikura in Japanese, salmon caviar is usually fresh and makes a nice pop in your mouth. Caviar can be taken straight or accompanied by chopped cooked egg whites, chopped cooked yolk, parboiled minced onion, butter, sour cream, cream cheese, toast, dark rye, or crackers. If you are a vegetarian ,try Roumanian Eggplant "caviar." Another option is the herring tasting described in the next post. Vodka and gin go great with caviar, but, of course, the classic pairing is with Champagne. See the reposted caviar suggestions which follow.

Where to search? In addition to Seattle Caviar and University Seafood, Uwajamaya has "Ikura," Trader Joe's has a nice selection, and one guy I know raves about the Swedish caviar at Ikea.


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