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This blog is dedicated to commentary on all aspects of wine, especially short entries to help you find the best wines without the usual hype and spin. These are my frank, independent opinions, usually based on tasting wine at a public event, off the shelf or at the winery. "All creative acts must arise out of a specific soil and flicker with a spirit of place" -D.H. Lawrence

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Wine And Art - Part I - Savor The Art:Yakima Valley

Wine Yakima Valley is having a wine and art event called "Savor the Art." The kick-off reception will be held September 30 at Terra Blanca Winery from 7:00- 9:30 p.m. Admission will be $20 and you will have the opportunity to taste wines from thirty wineries. There will be an auction where you will be able to bid on "one-of -a-kind" art. What other kind of art is there? Well, there is many-of-a-kind such as Kinkade, Giclee, poster art and reprints just as there is one-of-a-kind wine and many-of-a-kind wine. Both wine and art are creative processes that use science and technology to support creativity. There are tremendous parallels between "art' and wine. Perhaps this is why wine and art go together - "wine & brie" at the Art History Dept. soiree, wine and cheese at the gallery opening, wine and art auctions at Poncho. I even found a guy who paints with wine! And an anthropologist whose theory of art applies equally well, if not better, to wine. Wine art on the label is the basis for many wine purchases in the absence of other information, sometimes even in spite of other information. Heck, I would buy a bottle DeLille's Doyenne just for the Z.Z. Wei art on the label and you get great wine, too. Look for occasional postings on wine and art in the future. Don't forget our motto from D.H. Lawrence, "All ceative acts must arise from a specific soil and flicker with the sense of place."


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