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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Walla Walla Continued

I'm back, I think I'm back, I know I'm back. Am I really back? The best laid plans of mice and men oft gang aglay! Looking at my last post, I see it's only been a week since I've posted anything. It seems like a month. I finally diagnosed my password problem. My computer was remembering all kinds of User Ids and passwords except the ones that counted. Now I have to enter that information every time I blog. I wish my computer would remember just the correct info.rmation. Any ideas anyone?

So I've been drinking more than I've been writing. Look for wine notes interspersed with posts on our visit to Walla Walla. I think we left off at Elmer's in Walla Walla. I vaguely remember writing about L'Ecole. Frankly, much as I have loved L'Ecole wines in the past, I've been disappointed by the last two vintages. Even the Apogee replacement, Ferguson, was disappointing after starting off with an incredibly appealing and complex nose. Apogee wasn't made in 2004, since the 2004 Walla Walla grapes that traditionally go into it were damaged by frost. The Ferguson was put together from grapes sourced in the Columbia Valley. Let us hope that L'Ecole has already reached its perigee and is back on the ascent. Reininger, also, hasn't seemed up to par since moving from the airport to a brand new facility on highway 12 on the way into town from the Tri-Cities. And while I am at it, Beresan was somewhat disappointing this year, too. Ash Hollow wines were average. Skylite winery which has an interesting farm family history and a kinky marketing story about Hinie, needs to elevate their wines from the family farm level. We thought that prices seemed to be rising and quality declining. Could it be hat succcess ha sgone to their heads.What were the highlights? Cougar Crest, Amaurice, Pepper Bridge, Sleight of Hand, Forgeron and ten new Walla Walla wineries. Look for upcoming posts on ten new Walla Walla wineries and on Walla Walla restaurants.


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