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This blog is dedicated to commentary on all aspects of wine, especially short entries to help you find the best wines without the usual hype and spin. These are my frank, independent opinions, usually based on tasting wine at a public event, off the shelf or at the winery. "All creative acts must arise out of a specific soil and flicker with a spirit of place" -D.H. Lawrence

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Remembering "9/11"

Six years ago, a great wine cellar was destroyed along with the World Trade Center. You can argue about American capitalism, American hegemony, the World Trade Organization, whatever, but nothing justifies killing innocent people including undocumented workers whose families didn't benefit from the gush of emotion and moneythat followed the hideous bombing of the World Trade Center. Terrorism is among the most cynical behaviors on the world stage based on the premise that the end justifies the means, that it's okay to kill innocent people in order to terrify other innocent people. Terrorism represents the opposite of what wine represents. Terrorism is about hate, destruction, violence and fragmentation. Wine is about pleasure, beauty, connectedness and community.


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