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Monday, July 07, 2008

First Class!

Well, I finally copped a free upgrade to First Class in Alaska Airlines. Knowing I wouldn't get anything worth eating, even in First Class, I brought a sandwich on board. When the stewardess asked what I would like to drink, I said, "Chardonnay." She brought me a real glass filled to the brim with a very strange Chardonnay. She later confessed that, in fact, it wasn't Chardonnay, but Pinot Grigio, or was it Pinot Gris from "Three Blind Moose." These mice must have also suffered from anosmia, too. She kept wanting to refill my glass, but I had to demure. Now I know how my friend, Seattle Times wine writer, Tom Stockley died on an Alaska flight. The FAA insisted it was a rudder screw, but I know better. He didn't have a prayer. In fact, I think Alaska stopped serving prayers as well as food shortly after Tom died. Ironically, Alaska is now one of the best run airlines compared to most others. I knew I should have bought that Gulfstream.


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