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Friday, October 24, 2008

Wine Blogger's Weekend -WBC 08 - Live Blogging

Boho - ho ho ho! Pleasant stuff in a box. Eco- friendly? Call Chardonnay $24 box + 4 Bottles
Central Valley A great way to use up the "Lake of Wines" Premium wine in a box? HWP, non-smoking, likes pets and volleyball/

Speed blogging like speed dating? Is it fun? Does it work? Will I marry any of these wines? A nightcap? How would it taste in the morning?

Stood up on our second date!

James David - 2007 Muscat- Citrus nose, pretty dry, more like a gewurztraminer. Sexier than the last one, HWP, too, but spicier and more interesting. This one wears glasses and reads books. A little kinky. A good date.

The Spaniard - Twisted Oak - Carmen plays Twisted Sister- Somehow this hot sexy Spaniard morphed into a young Matron. Pleasant upfront with round fruit, but a tangy twisted tail.

Dark Horse - Will this one be a winner? A long shot? Round, voluptuous, sinful Zin? Hint of unpleasant odors.

Small Vines - 2006 Pinot Noir - For $65, it better good, and it is, but I can get a cheaper date.

2006 Cupcake Vineyards Chardonnay - At $12 it it's an easy wine. A great value! I'll be back for more, but would I want to marry it?

2007 Kanzler Pinot Noir - Barrel sample, not yet bonded - 12 months in oak. For $48 it better be good. HWP, beautiful, centered, but not sexy.

2005 Bink Pinot Noir- Black Ink, At $40, this one merits a second date. I would take this baby to meet Bim. Right up there with my amateur friends . I might even take this one home to meet the folks.

2007 Roussanne Lionheart - Santa Ynez, Warm site - Tastes like an off Chard. Ready for the next date. $30.

2006 Sean Minor Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon - Finally a reasonable date, only $17 a date.
No movies out, no babystitter, no restaurant dinner, no popcorn, no BonBons, Just a bottle of wine and thou. Now, how do I like the wine and thou. A really great cheap date. HWP lots of upfront fruit, easy, luscious, almost voluptuous.

Wine in a box - 2008 Malbec from Argentina - $12 The box is not bad. A good cheap date.

Bonterra - biodynamique - 2004 The McNab Cab/merlot/Petite Syrah blend. I liked this beauty til I heard the price. $45 solemente!

2005 Clos La Chance - Good luck, buddy! Delicious, HWP, great berry fruit. For $30, a great date.

Is it fun? Yes! Does it work? great for new wineries. It was good for us. How was it for you?


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