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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wine Notes

I was going to call this post Five Fabulous Wines followed by Five More Fabulous Wines, but by now there are eleven or twelve of them. How about a Dozen Best? Why are they Fabulous? Well, they certainly are not Robert Parker "100s", but they are each interesting in their own way. An asterisk indicates a Wanderlust wine.

1) 2005 Chateau Le Commanderie De Queyret, Bordeaux Superior - What is so fabulous about this wine? It is sooo true to character. Fairly light and bright, it has amazing black cherry flavors. The perfect Bordeaux Superior, this relatively light style Bordeaux at it's very best. The first day it had a fair amount of light, but astringent tannin which pretty much cleared up after being in an open decanter for 24 hrs ( about $12).

2) 2005 Fall Line "Horse Heaven Hills" Red - Much more tannic than the 2004, here's another one that needed to breathe for 24 hrs. Soft, velvety texture with a nose and taste of chocolate, coffee, mocha and tobacco combined with black fruit ( about $30 at the winery)*

3) 1995 Elio Altare Barolo "Vigneto Arborino" - Kind of like an old Italian aristocratic uncle. Dare I say it - smelling of old age, but food friendly. Mahogany in color, and tasting of wood paneling, it probably would have been more agreeable to the American palate at a younger age, but a pleasure nevertheless.

4) 2006 Trio Mourvedre "Den Heed Vineyard", Yakima Valley - A gift from Mary and truly a gift. How nice to taste a real wine with character. On the back label, Steve Michener, Tim Boushay, and Denise Slattery describe Mourved as " a cousin to Syrah with broad shoulders and a bit of wild streak." Let the wild rumpus begin! " WILD THING!", indeed -rustic, brambly, garrigue, yet there is good fruit. Like an old time rodeo - Let 'er buck! Delicious!

5) 2006 Adams Bench "Reckoning", Wa. St. - OMG, the day of reckoning is here! When you taste this wine, you will think you died and went to heaven. Pretty big, fairly dark, but rick in fruit, fruit, fruit. A style that would please Robert Parker, but most importantly it pleases me and it will please you, too.

Well, I guess that is the first Fabulous Five. Tune in for the next five or more.


  • At 4:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thanks for tasting our Mourvedre. It's wild and of course there's not a heck of a lot of it around. By the way - that's den Hoed Vineyard. The grower is Art den Hoed - Cheers. Denise Slattery / Trio Vintners


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