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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Next New "Other" White Meat

Apparently, breeders have come up with the second "Other" white meat - goat! Seriously, I'm not kidding or just trying to get your goat. Really! Most Americans have never eaten goat and might even be turned off by the idea, but, trust me, many people around the world eat goat - all over South America, Mexico, Somalia, Eritrea, the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Spain and our very own Southwest to name a few. Goat is good, but I recently tasted some that was truly denuded, neutered, no goat flavor at all. Apparently Turkey was the first white meat and pork was promoted as the "other" white meat after being "deflavored", now goat joins the list as the second "other" white meat. It was tender, but flavorless like lamb without any lambness, or veal without any vealness. After a long hard search, I found some goat online from a company in Colorado, but was the search worth it? It reminded me of pasteurized, homogenized, corporate American eggs. The last time I had a really flavorful egg was in the South of Italy where I was served eggs the color of the orange southern sun and bursting with flavor. Then there are the simulacra passing for strawberries, and tomatoes that look perfect and have no flavor. I mean, where's the beef? How about some locally grown, sustainable, non-genetically modified real food. The name of my next supermarket will be Real Foods. How about you?


  • At 10:24 PM, Blogger UGA Wino said…

    Great blog! Yes, goat is supposed to be an up-and-coming meat. From what I understand, people of Middle Eastern descent are the leading consumers. Even here in Kansas, Middle Eastern markets are opening up to cater to their dietary wants and needs.

    We have a small farm where we raise chickens, goats (but not for meat), turkeys and ducks and organic produce. If you ever find yourself in Kansas and want to taste a REAL egg, you know who to contact. We'll go grab a few right out of the coop!

    Bill Rosich


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