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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Lake of Wine Improved?

The back label of 2003 Mediterre Corbieres claims it is "a typical example of the improved wines produced in the South of France in recent years....the wine is rich, full and packed with ripe berry flavors." The French wine world is split into two groups of wine, the outrageously priced prestigious wines like the famous Bordeaux Chateaux and the unsaleable " lake of wine" from most of the other producers. Many of these producers are subsidized by the EU and they are probably paid by the ton. The larger the crop, the more dilute the wine, and the more they get paid so many producers have a disincentive for producing good wine. Plus, a lot of this wine goes to co-ops where all the wine is averaged to the lowest common denominator. The grape growers want to preserve their way of life, but they will not succeed in this by insisting on old fashioned practices. These wines could be improved with better vineyard management, lower yields, and some stainless steel fermenters. Heaven knows, they get enough sunshine in the south of France. The 2003 Mediterre Corbieres has a pleasant strawberry nose, a light to medium body, strawberry kool aid flavors and some tartness in the finish. Yes, it probably is an improvement, but it certainly is not "rich and full" - more like a skinny country girl with flushed cheeks. If this is the "improved" wine, they still have a ways to go.


  • At 5:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    My wife and I love this wine and bring it at parties. Friends like it because it's a lighter wine and such a relief from all those big bold stuff that everybody think they should drink these days ... So many food will be overpowered by big ones so fast.
    ... it's a great wine from TJ's and thanks to the subsidies it's only at $5.

  • At 10:35 PM, Blogger SeattleWineBlog said…

    Thanks for your comment. I certainly agree with you about big overpowering wines and food. I didn't realize this wine was available at Trader Joe's for only $5. That really is a good buy!


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