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Friday, September 14, 2007

Wine Blogger Mentioned In The International Herald Tribune

Vinography blogger, Alder Yarrow, just got a mention in the International Herald Tribune for his comprehensive knowledge of San Francisco wine bars, but, unfortunately, there was no mention of his preeminent blog. This seems to be a consistent trend in the mainstream media. Are they afraid of blogs? Not exactly! Some mainstream writers such as Eric Asimov of the New york Times have their own blogs and many of them are quite good. Maybe it's a case of covering all their bases or, perhaps, mainstream bloggers are saying, "Anything you can do, I can do better." To some extent that may be true. Many mainstream writers have honed their craft, but the problem is they and their editors are always looking over their shoulders at actual and potential advertisers. How many negative reviews have you read in your local or national newspaper. On the other hand, how many negative reviews have you read in blogs. Just like this post, many wine blogs are limited to commentary and seem to be written primarily for other wine bloggers rather than for the general blog reader or even for people with a significant interest in wine rather than blogs. I generally try to write for you - someone interested in wine. Most of my hits come from people all over the world with specific questions about specific wines. If the wine blogging community were not so inbred and solipsistic, they would reach more people like the mainstream media, yet the mainstream media do seem to be threatened by bloggers. After all blogs are free and a labor of love and bloggers are free to express their ideas and opinions in a less guarded way.


  • At 12:06 PM, Blogger Catie said…

    Well! (thrusting my hands on my hips) I have been called inbred before, but never solipsistic!

    Gene, I tend to agree with you on a few of these issues. I will say that I think there have been a group of wine bloggers that write for each other - sorry but IMHO mostly of the male gender (but leave Alder Yarrow of Vineography off of that list - he's my fav). However, as I continue to yammer about this, I can raise some other issues that some of my fellow women wine bloggers and I have discussed and that is - -"the wine blogger's world is still pretty male." But it's not just in wine blogs. How many articles by women do we see in the Wine Spectator? Not many.

    So, who do I write for? Do I write for other wine bloggers? No. I forgot about that one in less than two weeks after I started my blog (this was two years ago). In my opinion, it was mostly testerone filled blogs and they didn't seem to be interested in Walla Walla wines or at least what I had to say about them. Do I write for my fellow Walla Walla-ites? No. There are days I feel like they don't give a flying fluck. Sure some days I would like to really blast my opinions, but I cannot. I have to live here, so I try with earnest to find something good about each and every winery. My personal opinion is that they do not pay attention to me when I blog something positive, but they sure would if I said something negative about any local winery. Yeah - in Walla Walla, I often feel like nobody takes me seriously.

    So who do I write for? I write for me. Like a chef in the kitchen, they say cook for your own taste buds. And that is the backbone of my blog. Now on the chance if someone likes what I write - then someone appreciates my tastes.

    In wine blogging you have your good days and your bad days. There are days I feel rather insignificant and like nobody cares what I have to say. Is it because I am too short and need to get on my soap box?

    Lately I've had some readership I thought I would never get - the media. Even when the Wine Spectator make comments while wagging their finger at me and informing me I am wrong about something - at least they are reading me. The good news for me is that finally two different media companies have approached me to do some wine and food freelancing for them. Do I feel like it is deserving and I have paid my dues? No. I feel honored, flattered that someone finally likes what I have to say. Or at least trusts what I have to say.

    It's all I can ask for.

  • At 5:11 PM, Blogger SeattleWineBlog said…

    Thanks for your comment, "Hands On Hips." LOL! Totally agree about Alder and sexism in the wine world. I probably do my best writing when I write for myself. Congrats on your new gigs! Gene


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